General Minerals

General Minerals is a team of hydroponic, head grower, business, engineering and manufacturing professionals working together to bring an evolution to licensed cannabis producers. After learning of salt use in commercial AG the owners of General Minerals quickly understood ALL licensed producers must convert to mineral salts or they will be unable to compete. Our team of passionate industry professionals eager to aid the industries evolution turned our passion for the plant to making the best, plant specific, fertilizer salt line ever created. Our Detroit based engineering team spent 100’s of hours testing, refining and testing again until we achieved the optimally soluble micron size for each salt. Once achieved we focused on the best packaging, environmental, sanitation and consistent sourcing and processing methods available. General Minerals is passionate about this industry and knows growers need the best growing options for the least cost which yield the highest results, let us introduce your grow to the evolution.

Our Difference

Vision to see what licensed cannabis producers need to compete in today’s and more importantly tomorrow’s highly competitive multi-billion dollar cannabis marketplace. General Minerals sets the standard for hydroponic grade ultra soluble fertilizer mineral salts. Purpose built fertilizer salts engineered for high CBD hemp production will become the norm for every grower. Experience the difference for yourself.

Only the Best Will Do

Adopting GMP standards, using state of the art proprietary ion sanitation processes, developing confidential free metal removal mechanisms, using humidity controlled environments and techniques to ensure proper weight measurements are just of a few of the lengths General Minerals goes to ensure quality. Quality means consistency, without consistent inputs how can a grower achieve consistent outputs. General Minerals buys from specific mines to ensure the salt ore is the same batch after batch. Free of dies, oils and kept at a constant humidity means your fertigation team can rest assured they are using the same input crop after crop.